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Used Marron Cotton Velvet Curtain Panel w/Closed Hem Top(with Buckram insert)/Double-Sided Velvet (two fronts)/Interlining added - 3 layers


This is a High-Quality Luxurious (Thick/Heavy) Velvet Backdrop Curtain made out of 100% Cotton Velvet that weighs 48 oz per yard (w/3 layers of fabric) and is Being Sold AS IS.  This panel is actually brand new and we're selling it As Used due to having to sell it at a discount, as it's an order that was never paid for or open.

It comes with a Closed Hem top which has a 4" Buckram Insert that allows you to hang the panel with Hook pins or Clips.

This panel does come with an interlining which is a 100% Cotton Plush Material which works great for sound absorption

Measures Exactly 303 inches Wide x 83 inches High (770 cm W x 211 cm H). The size is the exact size of the panel when fully extended/stretched out.

Customer Assurance

We give you 48 hours from receipt of delivery to inspect the used panel(s). If you find that they do not work for you, then return them within the 48 hrs and you pay for the return shipping only. If you keep the Panel(s) beyond the 48 hrs and choose to return them we will only charge you a 20% restocking fee plus the buyer pays for reshipping fees.

If you have any further questions about returns or about purchasing used Curtains please contact our Customer Service.


•             48 oz. per Yard (w/all 3 layers combined)

•             Professionally made

•             Soft feel and Luxury Look

•             4" closed Hem Top with Buckram Insert

•             100% Belgium Cotton Velvet Material

•             Hemmed on all Sides

•             Sold Per Panel

•             Thermal Curtain Panel

•             Sound Deadening

•             Energy Efficient

•             With 100% Cotton Plush Interlining material

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