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216 inch High Flocked Velvet Curtain Panel with Grommet Eyelet Top 

This is a Beautiful Elegant Velvet Curtain made out of 50% Nylon/50% Polyester Velvet Blend Material which weighs 9 oz per yard and measures exactly the size chosen (The size is the exact size of the panel when fully extended/stretched out). It comes with metal 1 9/16" Inner diameter grommet eyelets, so it can be easily hung by any 1/2” - 1 1/4” thick rod or pole. The metal grommets come 8" apart from each other.

The Panel Measures Exactly 216 Inches Long (549 cm) by the width chosen.

To get the full Pleat look you must get double to two-and-a-half-times the width of the space you are trying to cover.

For Example: If you plan in covering a 10 ft wide space, you must get a panel that measures 20 ft wide, so the panel can have a nice full pleat (gather).

*** Panels that are greater than 48 inches in width will contain a seam*** 

This Type of Velvet Curtain is Perfect for:

Nightclubs, Bar or Lounge Displays
Store Wall or Window Displays
Banquet Room Dividers/Partitions
Window Treatments
Photography Backdrops
Special Events
And Much More!

This Velvet Panel does NOT come with line on the back nor does it have Velvet on both sides. However if you wish to add line or get the panel double sided velvet (with two fronts) please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to send you a free quote with the option you would like to go with. 

This panel does NOT come Fire Treated, nor can it be Fire Treated as it contains Nylon.

  • 9oz. per Yard
  • Professionally made Drapery
  • Metal 1 9/16" Grommet Eyelets
  • 50% Nylon/50% Polyester Flocked Velvet Blend Material
  • Hemmed on all Sides
  • Sold Per Panel
  • Single Sided Velvet
  • Dry Clean Only

We Can Make Any Custom Size & Quantity You're Looking For!

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The Curtain you will be receiving will be exactly or very similar to the one shown on main image. The picture is a stock picture we use for all our Flocked Velvet curtains with Grommet eyelets we sell. The only thing that's different is the measurements.
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