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Pack of 12 - Stainless Steel 2" Heavy Duty Utility "S" Hooks

We Design and Distribute our Own "S" Hooks to Fit properly on to Curtains with Small Grommet Eyelets. They Come with a 1/4" (6.4mm) wide opening for a secure lock to any Curtain Track or Railing our Customers plan in hanging them by. Our "S" Hooks are design for heavy duty use and support a large amount of weight (perfect for heavy & bulky Stage or theatrical Curtains). You can also use these S hooks for any Home decor, Storage, Garden Fixtures or DIY Household need.
Made out of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Flat Ends

"S" Hook Dimensions:
Length:  2in. (50.8mm)
Width:  1in. (25.4mm)
Thickness:  1/8in. (3.2mm)
Opening:  1/4in. (6.4mm)
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