Welcome to the largest selection of the best flocked velvet curtains online. If you are looking for the perfect looking flocked velvet curtains for a photography backdrop, store display, window treatments or room dividers, you have come to the right place. At Lushes Curtains, we proudly boast a fine collection of quality and luxurious velvet curtains.

All our flocked velvet curtains present a fine blend of 50% nylon and 50% polyester and weigh just 9-oz per yard.

Pick from a wide range of vibrant and elegant colors to get beautiful looking curtains that go well with your décor. Our premium velvet curtains add a highly aesthetic appeal to an event and also offers privacy with about 80% room darkening capability.

Although the curtains are ideal for professional and event use, you can also benefit from the quality and smooth textures of finely crafted velvet to decorate your home interior.

Whether you want to use our flocked velvet curtains to divide a large living space or to add an alluring effect to your venue, all curtains are made out of beautifully textured velvet fabrics to give just the perfect look you need to add a classy finish to any decor.

Nothing sets the right mood like a sophisticated velvet curtain to add a classy finishing touch to your venue, event, photo booth or your home décor. The curtains are great for absorbing both man-given and natural light. From warm dark tones to cool neutral shades, we have all curtains in all colors to offer a tasteful addition to your setting.

With an exclusive range of different heights and colors, you are guaranteed to find the best looking velvet drapes to beautify your venue. Simply select your desired curtain color and your desired dimensions to experience true luxury at an affordable price.


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