Can I cancel or change my order?

If you ordered in error, or would like to make a change to your order, please contact our customer service through email or call us directly at (626)453-0337. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible before order gets shipped out.


Can I Ship to a Different Address other than my billing address?

Yes - you can do so by submitting the address you wish to ship the order out to, at check out.

How do I look up my order online?

You would need to log into your account and enter the order number you received from your order confirmation email.

How do I track my Order?

When your order is shipped out, you will be sent a UPS or USPS tracking number via email. You would just need to cope and past the tracking number on to the or website to track your order.

How will you use my personal information?

All personal information is used only to fill your order.  We will never sell or share your information. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

I want to cancel my order, but it has already been shipped out.

Not to worry you can return the item back to the address provided on the shipping label (buyer is responsible for all return re-shipping charges). Once we receive the order back in the mail, we'll go ahead and refund your full money back to your PayPal or Credit Card account used at check out.

Is my payment information secure?

All information including payment information is strictly private. We use the latest encryption software to ensure none of your information can be read over the internet.

What is Bitcoin and How Can I Pay Using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the new online trending currency which is the easiest way to pay and receive money in the online world. With bitcoin you have all the freedom to send and receive money from anywhere any time. Here at we use bitcoin because it is the most secure way to pay and receive online and it cannot be hacked. We care for our customers and want them to be as secure as possible in the online world.

Advantages of Bitcoin usage:

·         No third party involvement

·         Bitcoin is very secure to use as there is any 3rd party involvement in the current usage. There is no 3rd party database presence and no one can trick you into giving up your money or spam you. Government cannot block your account and even Bitcoin Company itself cannot. So you are free of the fear of getting your online income account blocked.

·         No transaction costs

·         Bitcoin has absolutely no transaction cost so here at you only pay for what you buy no taxes or transaction cost will be charged from you. Because bitcoin is an ecosystem and every user contribute to keep the system running so you pay absolutely negligible transaction cost.

Bitcoin’s security measures:

·         Bitcoin is considered to be one of the most secure online transaction systems in the world. Bitcoin cannot be stolen as it could only be accessed if you have physical access to the account holder’s device. Bitcoin’s security system is totally different from other typical currency companies where you just have to know some minor details in order to get access to the account. So is very much concerned about you security and highly recommends you to open an account with bitcoin.

·         Universal Transactions: International exchanges have been greatly difficult. Charges on both finishes with outside trade hazard in the center, does not gives you any benefit for sure. And sending or receiving money through wire transaction or Western union is very costly.

"Unbanked" Transactions

·         Without a requirement for base, Bitcoin can be an option for the unbanked group either household or abroad. Expenses for check changing can be upwards of 2%, twofold the rate of a standard Bitcoin transaction. While the fate of Bitcoin is still undecided, we did our exploration and chose to acknowledge them in the wake of identifying with various specialists. Bitcoin is very unpredictable, however while understanding TCP/IP is energizing, it is not required to send an email; understanding the basic science and cryptography is superfluous albeit truly intriguing: Bitcoin and other related crypto coinage simply work.

·         You absolutely have to do no paper work in order to pay or receive bit coins everything is just hassle free and on the go. You just have to select an item on and pay for it no signs no codes no credit card receipts nothing.


Don't Have an Online Bitcoin Wallet?

We recommend for a safe and easy to use online bitcoin wallet to get started with. Sign up Now and get $5 FREE worth of Bitcoins added to your new Online Bitcoin Wallet Account.

When I try to "Check Out" it Keeps on sending me to Sh

Sometimes when using an old version browser it doesn't allow some of customers to go directly to check out. So you may have to do it manually by going to the top search bar of your internet browswer and changes the last word "cart" to "checkout":

For Example:  The currently link on the top is ( You need to change it to the fallowing link by simply just changing the last word "cart" to "checkout" (

If for some reason you still getting the same problem when checking out, Please contact us through email or by phone (626)453-0337 and we can take your order manually.

Why isn't my credit card information saved and available when I

We only use your credit card information for the processing of payment.  For your security, we will not store any credit card information including any or all of the credit card number in our database.  Further, we will not sell, store share or provide your credit card information to anyone.